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The financial nucleus of your legacy

In our Family Office, we go beyond investments to identify and manage the unique needs of your family. Through IEQ’s service offering and our network of third-party professionals, we can help develop the custom set of services that we believe is right for you. IEQ strives to become the financial nucleus of your legacy.

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Your Greatest Return

Time back for your Passions and Pursuits

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Your Greatest Return

Time back for your Passions and Pursuits

With IEQ at the helm of your family office, we will ensure your global strategy is organized, optimized, and tracking toward your goals, so you can reinvest today’s time into the people, experiences, and ventures that align with your pursuits.


We can work with your CPA, Estate Attorney, and other professionals as needed to ensure you have the correct  estate structure in place to take advantage of  tax savings and estate transfer strategies and to identify and mitigate potential risks.


We can build custom reporting based on your needs to highlight exposure and performance in a manner that is insightful and easily digestible.


We believe our investment in technology significantly enhances our ability to report on your global strategy, while also giving you and your tax advisor real-time access to your portfolio along with the ability to share information conveniently and securely.

Our approach to a customized solution

Using a 5-step approach, we take the time to understand what is truly important to your family, develop a holistic plan, and implement the customized set of services to meet your needs, striving to act as the nucleus of your family office.

Comprehensive Service Tailored to Your Needs

In our role as your outsourced family office, we are here to quarterback your overall financial picture and support you with a variety of comprehensive services.

Please note that the scope of services may vary depending on the circumstances. The services themselves will be governed by a dedicated agreement.

  • We can construct custom solutions while taking into consideration your global asset allocation.

    Your team can provide you with analysis and reporting to proactively plan, develop, and track your full investment portfolio. We provide feedback from a holistic perspective, including guidance on concentrated stock positions and large purchase analysis.

  • As an investor, you likely have a variety of interests and ventures.

    We can provide consolidated reporting across your global portfolio for easy visibility into your overall exposure, performance, and holistic balance sheet, all of which can be viewed in real-time through customizable software and in regular reporting packages.

  • We are experienced in managing complex and dynamic liquidity situations.

    We can help ensure your cash is being used efficiently and effectively across your global portfolio and that you have the necessary reserves for capital calls, tax payments, or other needs. Moreover, as entrepreneurs and founders ourselves, we have experienced first-hand the impact a liquidity event can have. We can help you anticipate and manage all stages of your event to help optimize the growth and preservation of your wealth.

  • Whether you want to compare different lending solutions or strategically leverage favorable financing opportunities, we can analyze your options and support you through the borrowing process.

    Moreover, through our relationship with high-net-worth banking institutions, we can work with you to ensure your investments, banking, and lending needs are managed in a coordinated manner. 

  • Our approach incorporates tax considerations.

    We aim to optimize portfolios for after-tax returns and work closely with your tax advisor to develop and implement sophisticated strategies specific to your circumstances, proactively plan for upcoming liquidity events, and analyze the tax implications of your total balance sheet.


    It is important to remember that IEQ and its employees do not provide tax, legal, or other advice.

  • Your estate plan should be current and customized to your unique needs and objectives.

    We offer a holistic review on a regular basis to identify the strategies that support your goals and can refine your plan as needed, working with your estate planning attorney and tax advisor to implement. We can also assist you with special situations such as pre-liquidity gift planning, ongoing plan maintenance, and support for subsequent generations to help them understand and continue the plan you have created.


    It is important to remember that IEQ and its employees do not provide tax, legal, or other advice.

  • We can work with you and your family to define and establish a philanthropic giving plan designed to have an impact while also seeking to optimize the efficiency of your portfolio and the structure of your giving plan.

    Our tailored strategies can translate your priorities and values into an active solution.

  • As your wealth increases, so does the complexity of your life.

    Our third-party network of professionals can provide complementary services that help you navigate a legacy of wealth in areas such as tax planning, estate management, security, insurance, lending, governance, family dynamics, and more. We can help you identify, vet, onboard, and integrate these professionals so you have a cohesive and connected team working as an efficient unit on your behalf.


    Certain services may be provided by third parties, whose fees are negotiated directly between the client and the third-party provider. IEQ disclaims any and all liability with respect to services provided by third parties.

Christie Olsson

“From big picture concerns to the minutiae of the day-to-day, it is so rewarding to know clients look to us as a partner in ensuring that their financial ecosystem is designed and managed to create a successful legacy.”

Christie Olsson, Managing Director, Senior Wealth Strategist

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