Intellectual Excellence. Emotional Connection.

As our name suggests, we believe that investment advisers today often overlook the critical integration of Intellectual and Emotional factors. In our view, performance excellence is best achieved when experience and deep knowledge in investing (the Intellectual factors) combine with the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with clients and build a values-driven employee culture (the Emotional factors). Our commitment to combine these factors is IEQ Capital's quest.

That quest is:

The Pursuit of Investment Excellence

Intellectual Factors

Emotional Factors

IEQ Model

IEQ Capital was founded by a team of dreamers - Rob Skinner, Alan Zafran, Eric Harrison, Jeff Westsmith, and Frank McFarland. Entrepreneurs at heart, we embrace the challenges and rewards associated with running - and continuously improving - an excellent firm in all aspects.

When we decided to begin this venture, we wanted to take the next step forward in our uncompromising focus on clients and investment excellence, without the distractions and limitations of working in a larger organization. An independent advisory firm provided the platform to focus our efforts on helping clients meet their investment objectives.

An image of IEQ founders

Our paths merged from a mix of rich company history and investment experience.

A timeline that shows the joining of talent from these financial establishments: Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, Grosspoint ventures, GI Partners, Merrill Lynch, Luminous Capital, and First Republic Bank

The pillars that drive us


As fiduciaries and community leaders, we prioritize the best interests of our clients and hold ourselves accountable to building a culture of respect and trust.


25+ years of experience as investors and business leaders has given us in-depth knowledge of each asset class, a steadiness to weather market conditions, and an emotional understanding to find the right investment strategy for the unique needs of each client.


Our broad network and sourcing abilities give us access to private investment opportunities, and we approach our colleagues and clients with transparency and empathy.

Who We Are