Widening Your Investment Universe

With over 25 years of experience as investors, we have a broad understanding of each asset class, deep institutional relationships, and a network that gives us access to exclusive private investment opportunities. Our methods seek to provide a way forward that ultimately widens your investment universe to discover solutions that are right for you.

Core Pillars

Demonstrated Approach

Our core team has spent over a decade together, refining our approach to sourcing, negotiating and structuring a range of investment solutions designed to help meet clients' needs such as producing predictable cash flow and providing consistent returns with lower volatility.

Idea Origination

We actively source and research new investments in alternative asset classes, monitor portfolios, and meticulously structure investments in order to stay on the cutting edge of opportunity.

Private Access

Leveraging our size and relationships, we gain access to private opportunities. By utilizing pooled assets and experience, we seek to negotiate better deal terms and lower fees and pass those savings on to our clients.

Deep Commitment

We are bound to put our clients' interests above our own. We are committed to transparency, clarity, and reducing conflicts of interest.

The IEQ Difference

Our approach creates solutions that can utilize a range of public markets and exclusive private investments. By expanding the options traditionally available to individual investors, we are able to better customize portfolios to meet each client's unique needs. Additionally, we can dynamically shift amongst a variety of options to capitalize on opportunities created when the market environment changes and to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. This flexibility helps us generate predictable cash flow, minimize downside market volatility, maximize the power of compounding returns and more.

IEQ Capital Platform

A pie chart with four equal pieces: Public Fixed Income, Public Equities, Private Fixed Income Alternative, Private Equity Alternative

Traditional Approach

A pie chart with two equal pieces: Fixed Income is one half, Equity is the other.

Our Nimble Approach

As your Chief Investment Officers, we customize our approach to suit your needs. Whether you hire us to manage a broadly diversified portfolio or to focus on a particular area, we remain dynamic, continually monitoring conditions to capitalize on opportunities and shift your exposure when needed. Below are three examples of ways we can customize portfolios.

Illustrative Scenarios

Tax-Efficient Income

We believe cash-flow is an important driver of total return, both as a source of distributable income and a means of de-risking an investment. We focus on strong, after-tax cash-flows achieved through thoughtful structuring and tax-efficient vehicles.

Data breakdown: Public Fixed Income is 30%, Public Equity is 20%, Fixed Income Alternative is 40%, and and Equity Alternative is 10%

Opportunistic Growth

We look to capitalize on market dislocations, supply demand imbalances or idiosyncratic opportunities to earn outsized risk-adjusted returns. Our goal is to earn a premium relative to public equity markets with lower volatility and enhanced downside protection.

Data breakdown: Public Fixed Income is 10%, Public Equity is 40%, Fixed Income Alternative is 10%, and Equity Alternative is 40%

Moderate Growth

Utilizing a customized mix of growth and income strategies, we construct diversified portfolios designed to balance cash-flow with long-term growth and compounding. Our goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with reduced correlations to traditional asset classes.

Data breakdown: Public Fixed Income is 15%, Public Equity is 35%, Fixed Income Alternative is 25%, and Equity Alternative is 25%

Complemented by Comprehensive Service

In our role as your outsourced CIO, we are here to quarterback your overall financial picture and support you with a variety of comprehensive services.

A Technology-Forward Experience

We believe the best client experience comes from combining a dedicated team who has a deep personal relationship with you and an integrated technology-forward platform that offers convenience and efficiency and promotes security.